Why choose Galway Fertility Clinic?

For many choosing which fertility centre to attend is one of the most important decisions you will make.

The standard of care, the true cost of treatment and the clinics success rates are vital considerations in this selection process. Galway Fertility Clinic is recognised as a centre of excellence for fertility treatment with unrivalled success rates. Our pricing system is clear and transparent with no hidden costs.

Since our establishment, Galway Fertility Clinic has been at the forefront of introducing the latest IVF technologies & expertise, often at no additional cost to you, to provide you with the best chance of success.

All clients attending us can be assured of the following:


Highest Success Rates

Following laboratory improvements, including adopting time-lapse monitoring for all cycles, Galway Fertility Clinic has increased our success rates significantly, to well above the European and Irish averages.

We are very excited and proud of our latest success rates currently at 78% pregnancy rate per IVF cycle based on all treatment cycles in 2013, where one Blastocyst was selected for transfer up to age 37 years.

Our overall success rates for 2012-2013 show that 40.6% of all our clients delivered a baby (per IVF cycle for women up to age 41 years). These success rates prove that we are at the forefront of IVF worldwide.


Cutting Edge Technologies

The Laboratory and Medical Team in Galway Fertility Clinic are very progressive in introducing new technologies and treatments that have a proven improvement in success rates


We were the first clinic in Ireland to introduce the Embryoscope®, time lapse monitoring, to our embryo culture system and now use this for all our IVF clients. (For more information, see fertilitech.com)


IMT Matcher System:

Galway Fertility Clinic was the first clinic in the world to develop and introduce barcode labelling system for cells (spermeggs and embryos), during all treatment programmes, in collaboration with IMT Matcher Technologies.

The introduction of the Matcher™ (electronic barcode) system has enhanced our IVF lab traceability, eliminating the possible risks of egg, sperm or embryo misidentification due to human error, thereby reassuring our clients of the highest level of monitoring throughout their treatment cycles.

This provides you with the reassurance and security that you are getting a top class service.


Critical Equipment 24 Hour Monitoring System:

Galway Fertility has a 24 hour monitoring system in place, ensuring your cells are maintained in the perfect conditions they require. This system has been in operation in our laboratory since 1996, a decade before legislation made this a requirement.


No Hidden Costs

Galway Fertility Clinic has a pricing structure that is clear and transparent. The fee for IVF and ICSI includes all your appointments, laboratory services, blood tests etc that are required as part of your treatment cycle.

“Extras” that are often applied in other clinics (eg: blastocyst culturing, Embryoscope ® time lapse monitoring are included in all cycles in Galway Fertility Clinic at no additional cost to you.
Cryopreservation (freezing sperm or Embryos) is not included in the cost of IVF treatment, as not all clients have cells for freezing, and an additional fee is applied in such cases.


Treatment with Compassion & Understanding

All clients attending Galway Fertility Clinic share a common dream of one day becoming a parent. While this may not be possible for everyone, it is our hope that we will support you during this journey.

Fertility treatment can be stressful for some, underpinning this; our approach is to provide your treatment with compassion, care and understanding.

We take the time to ensure all your questions are answered and to help you fully understand the process, hence lowering your anxiety and worries.