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The semen analysis is the initial test for male fertility where the count, motility and quality of the sperm is assessed. Additional testing can help to identify potential causes.  (See Male Investigations Section).

For a man to father a child, this is based on his ability to:

Produce sperm

Some factors that affect the production of sperm may include: Genetic, hormonal, testicular failure, illness, medication (chemotherapy, radiotherapy)


Produce quality sperm that can function correctly

Sperm Quality is affected by some of the following factors – Lifestyle, medication, recent illness. It takes 3 months for sperm to be made, so anything during this time frame can affect the sperm quality.


Transport the sperm to the egg

Factors affecting this process may include – congenital bilateral absence of the vas deferens (CBAVD), vasectomy, sexual transmitted diseases or underlying medical conditions (e.g. retrograde ejaculation, diabetes) and psychological issues (e.g. erectical dysfunction).

Further information is included in the Galway Fertility Clinic leaflet – Improving Your Sperm Quality