In early 2014, Galway Fertility Clinic introduced an alternative method for cryopreservation – known as Vitrification, this is a super-fast freezing method for cryopreserving embryos.

The best embryos from your IVF cycle are selected for transfer. However the remaining embryos may be vitrified if these are of excellent quality (and both partners agree to this).

At Galway Fertility Clinic we vitrify embryos at the Blastocyst stage (Day 5 or 6). We use Vitrolife products to provide optimal survivability on thawing embryos from Vitrification.

This method allows us to store your embryos safely in liquid nitrogen, with a higher survival rate and a better chance of a successful outcome.  It is too early to calculate accurate statistics for pregnancy rates from this process, as only a small number of embryos have been thawed and transferred to date. However our initial success rates are very promising with our Frozen Embryo Replacement (FER) cycles.

Update Nov 2014:

Of the first 20 vitrified blastocysts we have thawed, all survived with a positive pregnancy test rate of 84% and a clinical pregnancy rate of 70% (Fetal Heart Beat at pregnancy scan).