Extended Culture - Blastocyst Transfers

In Galway Fertility Clinic we aim to grow embryos to the blastocyst stage (day 5), so we have more information to select which embryos to transfer or freeze. This is included in the price of the IVF/ ICSI cycle. Occasionally this is not possible and an earlier transfer may be recommended (eg if there are only 1 or 2 embryos created). Blastocyst culturing is included in your IVF/ICSI cycle at no additional cost to you.

The embryologist will discuss your embryos with you as they develop, and usually schedule the transfer when it becomes clear which of your embryos have the best potential.

Galway Fertility Clinic uses the Embryoscope ® incubator for culturing all embryos from IVF and ICSI. This provides time lapse images of the embryos so we can continuously observe their development in very close detail and select the ones with the highest potential for implantation. There is no additional charge to you for this service.


Embryo Culture Environment – EmbryoScope® Technology

In 2012 Galway Fertility Clinic introduced a new type of incubator – The EmbryoScope® for embryo culture, the first in Ireland.  This highly specialised incubator provides an unprecedented stability in the culture environment for embryos including oxygen and Carbon dioxide levels similar to inside a woman’s body. We are now culturing more top quality embryos than prior to this new technology.

The EmbryoScope® contains an internal microscope and camera, which records up to 3500 images per embryo during culture. This time-lapse imaging feature allows the embryologists to observe embryo development throughout the embryo culture period, and enable observation of previously missed events in early embryo development. This additional information is used to differentiate between similar embryos, enhancing the embryo selection criteria for embryo transfer. Our embryologist can now select your best embryos with greater confidence by reviewing the time-lapse images obtained.

Additionally the internal microscope and camera allow the embryos to be observed without disturbing their development which is critical during the early stages. The EmbryoScope®  has increased blastocyst development rates per cycle, providing more embryos for cryopreservation, thus offering our clients a higher cumulative pregnancy rate per cycle (in 2013, 40% of all cycles had blastocysts to cryopreserve).

There is no additional fee payable for culturing embryos in the EmbryoScope® in Galway Fertility Clinic.