Some women may wish to preserve their fertility and plan for pregnancy at a later stage in their life. With the advances in reproductive medicine, Egg Freezing now offers this option to women.

The Medical Team at Galway Fertility Clinic is at the forefront of introducing the latest IVF technologies to Ireland, to give clients the best possible chance of success. Our Clinic is recognised as a centre of excellence for fertility treatment, providing the highest success rates, cutting edge technologies in a state-of-the-art laboratory, treatment with compassion and understanding and a clear pricing structure with no hidden costs.
Egg freezing is a relatively new technique and few clinics have the expertise and capability to offer this service. At Galway Fertility Clinic, however, we now have both the experienced staff, capability and the license to offer this service to you.

We recognise that Egg freezing is an essential element in fertility preservation for women and have now established an Egg Freezing programme to offer this treatment option. This can provide you with the ‘peace of mind’ to preserve your fertility for the future if you so wish.

Today, with the advances in fertility treatment, many women are successful in achieving a pregnancy at a later stage in their lives, although no guarantees can be given. We recommend a review appointment with the Fertility Consultant, for assessment of your suitability for Egg Freezing. We will work with you to help you realise your family building goals.

The best advice is to have your children when you are young and ready to become a parent, but this is not always an option, for many reasons. Research shows that female fertility starts to decline at 35 years of age with a more dramatic decline after 37 years.

Possible reasons as to why younger women may want to avail of egg freezing may be due to career decisions or social reasons delaying parenthood; or not being in a relationship and just wanting to keep their options open. Young women less than 35years of age are the best candidates for egg freezing.

A number of factors influence the suitability for Egg freezing, these are:

  • Female age less than 35 years is optimum (egg quality declines with advancing age)
  • Any pre-existing medical conditions
  • Your ovarian reserve

Our consultant will advise you and refer you for treatment, if deemed suitable, to offer you an increased chance of a successful outcome in the future. The choice to do treatment is then yours to make.

We recommend that you weigh up the risks and benefits of freezing your eggs and factor in the associated financial costs of having this insurance policy, for your future fertility options.

If you have any questions on Egg Freezing or would like to find out more information, please phone one of our specialist nurses on (091) 515600.

To make an appointment for an assessment please click on the link ‘How to Make an Appointment’
Tests you can complete with your GP are listed in the ‘Female Section’ and you can bring these to your first consultation.

Note: Freezing eggs does not guarantee a pregnancy later in life and a woman’s best option will always be to use her fresh eggs either naturally or in an assisted reproduction cycle.