Fertility Clinic - Assisted Hatching

What is assisted hatching?

Occasionally the embryologist may decide that a technique called “Assisted Hatching” (A.H.) may benefit some embryos. This procedure is carried out in the laboratory prior to the embryo transfer. The procedure involves thinning a small patch of the outer capsule (zona pelucida) surrounding the embryo. There is some evidence that Assisted Hatching may help embryos implant, that would otherwise fail to do so, due to a thicker than normal Zona Pelucida (ZP).


When is Assisted Hatching used?

fertility-clinic-flags-200Although Research, (American Society for Reproductive Medicine – ASRM) has not definitively shown that Assisted Hatching improves pregnancy rates, it may be of benefit in the following cases:

  • Oocytes of older women
  • Previous unsuccessful IVF attempts
  • Embryos with Zona Pelucida abnormalities


In Galway Fertility Clinic less than 5% of embryos require Assisted Hatching. The option to have A.H. is discussed with clients during their treatment.
There is no additional charge for this procedure at Galway Fertility Clinic.