Fertility Clinic - Additional services available

Galway Fertility clinic provides the following additional services.

The above list is not exhaustive of all services/testing on offer at Galway Fertility Clinic,  individualised tests may be arranged with your consultant.


Andrology Services

Galway Fertility Clinic has an andrology laboratory providing a full range of diagnostic tests for clients attending us for Treatment. These services may also be availed of by GP referral. Contact us to arrange an appointment.

Services provided include the following:


Testicular Biopsy – Surgical sperm retrieval

A testicular biopsy is a minor surgical procedure, carried out by a urologist, to retrieve sperm directly from the testes. Galway Fertility Clinic has partnered with a number of Urologists operating in the Bon Secours Hospital and Galway University Hospital for this service.

Testicular Biopsy is indicated in men with the following diagnosis:

During the testicular biopsy procedure, a sample of testicular tissue is removed under general anaesthetic.  Following the surgery the tissue sample is processed by an embryologist in Galway Fertility Clinic’s laboratory to isolate the sperm. The sperm are then cryopreserved for use at a later date.

The number of sperm isolated from a testicular biopsy is quite low and the motility of the sperm (ability to swim) is greatly reduced. Therefore testicular biopsy sperm is only suitable for use in IVF with ICSI treatment. There may be sufficient sperm retrieved for a number of ICSI cycles from one testicular biospy.



Miscarriage Investigations / Recurrent Implantation Failure

Galway Fertility Clinic offers a comprehensive screening as determined by your consultant at your assessments. This screening includes the following:

  • Chromosome Testing 
  • Thrombophilia Screening
  • Cystic Fibrosis Screening 
  • Sperm DNA Fragmentation 


Chromosome Testing

Genetic screening is available at Galway Fertility Clinic. It is indicated in certain circumstances as follows:

  • In men with very low sperm counts < 10 million per/ ml or with no sperm in the semen sample (other than due to a vasectomy). Screening is recommended prior to treatment in these cases as these men may have a genetic abnormality which may cause problems for pregnancy and any children arising. A rearrangement or imbalance in the chromosomes may be identified.
  • Both partners are screened in cases where there is a history of a number of miscarriages, or repeated failed treatment cycles.

If chromosome results are found to be abnormal then clients may be referred for genetic counselling.


Thrombophilia Screening

These blood tests are recommended for women with a history of a number of miscarriages or repeated failed treatments. Occasionally a blood clotting disorder may be detected, which requires medication to be taken during your treatment cycle and in pregnancy. The doctor will explain the relevance of any results to each client.


Cystic Fibrosis Screening

If identified during the initial Semen Assessment that the male client has no sperm, a test for Cystic Fibrosis (CF) is carried out. This blood test is sent to a special laboratory for testing. Some men who are carriers for Cystic Fibrosis have an absent Vas Deferens (the absence of a duct in the testes that carries sperm).

In such cases, the female partner is also tested for Cystic Fibrosis before treatment begins. Genetic counselling is provided where both partners are carriers for CF and alternative treatment options are discussed.


Sperm DNA Fragmentation Testing

The sperm’s primary function is to deliver a complete copy of the male’s genetic information (DNA) to the female’s egg. However for some men some damage may have occurred to the DNA. This damage is not visible in a basic semen analysis. Galway Fertility Clinic offers this test as part of your initial assessment; results are used as a guide to determining treatment.

For more information visit www.spz.com, www.spermcomet.com and www.spzlab.com.


Early Pregnancy Scanning & Support

Galway Fertility Clinic offers an early pregnancy ultrasound scan (usually at 7 weeks gestation) to all clients that achieve a positive pregnancy test on treatment.

A summary report is provided for you to bring along to your GP and Obstetrician for further pregnancy care.

All our nurses have both midwifery qualifications and specialised ultrasound training, and provide you with advice and support during the early stages of pregnancy.


Scanning for clients attending for Egg Donation abroad

Galway Fertility Clinic offers an ultrasound scanning service to women attending a foreign clinic for Egg Donation treatment.

Anyone wishing to avail of this service must first register with one of our consultants for a medical assessment.

Fees apply for this service, please refer to our price list or inquire at time of booking.

The above list is not exhaustive of all services/tests on offer at Galway Fertility Clinic.