Galway Fertility Clinic has been helping single clients achieve their dream of becoming a parent for many years. Some clients may be looking to protect their Fertility for the future using our Egg Freezing programme, while others may be ready to start a family straight away.

Our approach is to outline the best treatment options to allow for the best chance of success.
At your initial consultation, our doctor completes a full medical history and schedules any investigative tests as required. This may include:

Treatment options are also discussed at this initial appointment and a suitable treatment plan is identified. Treatment options may include:

The options for donor sperm use are discussed with clients on an individual basis with our medical consultants and with the embryology team. Every effort is made to select a suitable donor as per the client’s preference.

We will source, import and store enough sperm for a number of attempts at treatment. We will also store sperm for future treatment should you become pregnant and wish to have another sibling.

Counselling support is an essential part of embarking on donor sperm treatment.