Fertility Clinic - PICSI

With IntraCytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI), sperm are visually selected for injection based on their appearance and on their ability to swim. The integrity of the genetic information (DNA) within the sperm cannot be seen at this stage.

Where sperm with a high level of DNA fragmentation (or damage) is selected this may compromise ICSI results. To improve the selection of the most suitable sperm for ICSI from such samples, Galway Fertility Clinic can use a device called a PICSI® Sperm Selection dish.

The PICSI® dish mimics the natural binding of mature sperm to the egg, thereby making selection of good sperm with good DNA integrity easier.

PICSI® is not routinely carried out for ICSI sperm selection when the DNA fragmentation levels are normal, as this has not been found to be beneficial.