Embryoscope® Technology (Time Lapse Incubation)

fertility-clinic-flags-200“The EmbryoScope® is arguably the biggest leap forward in technology that I have seen since Galway Fertility began in 1994. This is on a par with the development of ICSI, which offers a chance of a baby to the population with very poor sperm. We are delighted to have this Embryoscope®, to add to the continuous improvements that we apply to our treatment programmes”
– Dr Declan Egan, Medical Director, Galway Fertility

In 2012 Galway Fertility Clinic were the first clinic in Ireland to introduce a new type of incubator – The EmbryoScope® for embryo culture.  This has seen a dramatic increase in our success rates.

The benefits of this incubator includes:


A stable culture environment

The EmbyroScope® provides an unprecedented stability in the culture (or growth) environment for embryos, including oxygen and carbon dioxide levels similar to those inside a women’s body. We are now culturing more top quality embryos than ever before.


Uninterrupted monitoring of embryo development

The EmbyroScope® contains an internal microscope and camera system that records up to 3500 images per embryo during culturing. This means the embryos are not disturbed which is critical during the early stages of development. Furthermore, it also allows the embryologist to capture events in embryo development which would have been missed previous without this technology. This allows us to identify embryos which are not suitable for transfer.


Improved selection criteria with increased success rates

Information captured by the EmbyroScope® is used to differentiate between embryos, enhancing the selection criteria for embryo transfer with greater confidence. This means we can select your best embryos for transfer giving you the best chance of success.


Better quality embryos for cryopreservation

The EmbyroScope® also provides more top quality embryos for cryopreservation/freezing at the blastocyst stage, thus offering you the potential of additional Frozen Embryo Replacement Cycles (FER). In 2013 , 40% of all IVF cycles had blastocysts to cryopreserve.


There is no additional fee payable for culturing embryos in the EmbryoScope® in Galway Fertility Clinic.  

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