Safety is at the heart of all the procedures carried out in Galway Fertility Clinic. With this in mind, we installed the Matcher® electronic Witnessing System in 2006, becoming the first IVF clinic in not only Ireland, but in the world to do so.

The introduction of the Matcher® (electronic barcode) system has enhanced our IVF lab traceability, eliminating the possible risks of egg, sperm or embryo misidentification due to human error. This reassures our clients of the highest level of security and traceability throughout their treatment cycle.

The Matcher® system is designed to confirm, match and monitor every procedure and process that occurs within the IVF laboratory. It provides a photographic record of every procedure, recording what procedure is carried out, when and where the procedure was carried out and by whom.

Every client that attends Galway Fertility Clinic is allocated a unique identification number that will be used throughout all their cycles and procedures for identification and traceability. Furthermore, clients attending for IVF and IUI treatment cycles will have their photograph taken for cross reference and verification.

Barcode labels are generated for the client(s) and used on all the labware in which their eggs, sperm and embryos are contained and all their associated paperwork. The Matcher™ system also provides full traceability for all records, labware and culture media used throughout a treatment cycle.

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