At Galway Fertility Clinic, we feel it is important to share as much information as possible with those interested in learning more about fertility, whether they are just starting their journey or are General Practitioners seeking further information. With this in mind, our very own Dr. Lowe spoke in the Ardilaun Hotel on Saturday 30th of March.

Dr. Lowe spoke at “The Women’s & Men’s Health MDT Seminar” for GPs. She gave a Fertility Update focussing on what Galway Fertility can offer to single women, as well as couples. Dr. Lowe discussed ovarian reserve testing (AMH, FSH and scanning for antral follicle count) and ultrasound screening for causes of subfertility.

Also on the agenda was social egg freezing and use of donor sperm for women considering single parenting, as well as egg donation and embryo donation.

Galway Fertility Clinic offers a service that caters to all of those interested in conceiving, including single women, heterosexual couples and same sex couple. For more information why not contact us here or call 00 353 (0) 91 515600. We would be happy to answer your questions and get you started on your fertility journey.