Many large companies such as Apple and Google have been offering egg freezing to female employees for the past two years.

Now, many UK companies are in talks with IVF clinics about the possibility of offering egg freezing as part of hiring packages. With many of these large multinational corporations also based in Dublin, this is a development that will have an impact on Ireland also.

Their view is that it empowers women and offers them a wider range of life choices.  In addition to giving career-driven millennials new options, this would also benefit couples conceiving later in life.

Speaking to Sky News, Clinical Director of CARE Fertility in London, Rob Smith said he feels that freezing eggs early on allows for many more possibilities later in your late 30’s.

It is not just about careers, or for those who have not met the right partner, it is also for couples conceiving later in life.

“They will be able to conceive the first baby most likely with quite a high degree of success. However, after that child gets to two or three they will want to try again, and they will find themselves getting towards 40.”

“Successful pregnancy at that age is very low indeed so by freezing eggs earlier on they will just have that guarantee at the back of their mind. If there are any problems, later on, they have this option to turn back to.”

Sky News also spoke to Sarah Bagg, 40, who froze her eggs when she was 39 years old.

“I guess I went into panic mode about the fact that I was 38 at the time and I’ve always wanted children. I wanted to take some action because obviously I’m very aware of my age and so egg freezing seemed like a sensible choice at the time. I think options are always a good idea and it’s down to the individual whether it’s right for them given their personal circumstances. Whether they want children, how passionately they feel about that, and whether it’s something they’re prepared to risk leaving it to science rather than to nature to take its course.”