Holly, a Virgin Media employee, shares her experience with parenthood. 

Although Holly trained as a doctor, after a year as an intern for Virgin Media her career took a different path than expected. She married her childhood sweetheart, Freddie and they decided they wanted to start a family.

Starting a Family

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Holly writes about how everyone had baby advice to share with her an Freddie. All kinds of stories were told, some of the people who fell pregnant within a week and some who it took a few months. Holly and Freddie hoped to be pregnant by the end of the year. Although so much advice and information was shared with them, which can help to build up the excitement too, she mentioned that “no one really prepares you for the possibility that conceiving might not be straightforward – let alone that pregnancy could not be possible at all.”

After a year of trying, they decided to visit the doctor for some tests. She later found out she was pregnant. The joy didn’t last long as sadly, soon after, she suffered from a miscarriage. After their second pregnancy also ended in a miscarriage she recalls how it was hard to stay positive.

She describes what it feels like to go through that experience: the heartbreak, loss of control. They decided they needed specialist help.

Seeking Help

The doctors talked them through all their options and they decided that IVF treatment looked most promising. After doing loads of research, Holly and Freddie decided to give IVF treatment a try. Unfortunately, the first two rounds didn’t work.

During this time Holly wrote about how hard it was to stay positive. Not just for her but for Freddie too. She wrote:

Freddie was amazing – it’s such a hard thing to go through and most people focus on supporting the woman in this situation. Men aren’t as good as expressing what they are going through, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t feeling the same desperation and pain. I knew he was suffering too but as always he was my rock.

Third Time’s a Charm

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They decided to try IVF treatment for the third time and this time it was successful. But they worrying didn’t stop there. Even when they had a healthy 12-week scan, there was still the 20-week scan milestone to hit and the gestation. They hoped every second of the pregnancy that they would stay until full term.

They now have very healthy three-year-old twins and couldn’t be happier.

Holly said:

“I hope that by sharing our journey we will help others who are going through a similar experience”

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