In a recent news clip on Australia’s 7 News Melbourne,  they report on a new technology which is helping women’s chances of successful IVF treatments.

Although this technology is new to Australia, it’s been available in Ireland for a number of years since the Galway Fertility Clinic first brought it to Ireland in 2011.

EmbryoScope and the Galway Fertility Clinic

The Galway Fertility Clinic was the first to bring the EmbryoScope to Ireland in 2011. They have seen a massive increase in success rate with hundreds of babies born since then.


The EmbryoScope contains an internal microscope and camera system that records the development of the embryo without disturbing it. This is critical during the early stages of development. The camera helps the embryologist to identify the best embryo for transfer.

Prof. David Gardner of Melbourne IVF describes the EmbryoScope as a “womb with a view.”

1 in 25 Australian births is a result of IVF treatments. The reporter, Georgia Main, mentions that the service costs around $450 dollars in Australia. The Galway Fertility Clinic doesn’t charge any extra to use this technology and all IVF treatments benefit from this in the Galway Fertility Clinic.

The Benefits of the EmbryoScope Incubator

The benefits of this incubator include: